Law Student Limelight: UC Hastings’ Christine Doelling


Student Name: Christine Doelling

UC HAST DoellingLaw School:  University of California,  Hastings College of the Law

Status: Rising 2L

Focus:  Media, Entertainment and Intellectual Property

Undergraduate Degree/Institution: BA American Studies (2008), George Washington University (Washington, D.C.)

Graduate Degree/Institution: Masters – Media, Communications and Critical Practice (2012), University of the Arts, London College of Communications

Home city/state or country: Berkeley, Calif.

Christine Doelling, a rising 2L, is immersed in the music industry, where she aspires to work. She has created and led multi-channel marketing initiatives for world-renowned artists, musicians, museums and media companies. Doelling founded Lunchbox Theory, a music promotion company in Washington, D.C., and has served as a music promotion consultant for National Geographic Live.

“What I think is missing from the conversation,” she says, “is the understanding that consumers stopped feeling that the music industry was holding up its side of the bargain; we started to feel that the music was no longer of value.

“No contract can change this because the deeper issue is a shift in our cultural understanding. It is our job to educate consumers while using the law to create licensing schemes that support artistic expression without destroying technological innovation. It is going to take a lot of patience and creativity from a few very innovative people.”

She also has an enviable vinyl collection.

LAWDRAGON: What were key factors in choosing a law school?

CHRISTINE DOELLING: Location, location, location. I wanted to come back to the Bay Area and explore the tech side of the entertainment industry. UC Hastings has a great intellectual property concentration, and an abundance of practical study opportunities. 

LD: What’s been your most memorable/valuable law school experience?

CD: During our second semester 1Ls participate in Moot Court. Arguing in front of a mock supreme court was exhilarating! I enjoyed it so much that I joined the team and I am excited about arguing again next year.

LD: What do you plan to do with your law degree? 

CD: The technology industry has severely disrupted the way in which the copyright industries build their business models. Creating changes in precedent, and building new and functional business models, is going to take a lot of patience from a few innovative people. I am planning to be one of them.