Law Student Limelight: Boston University Law’s Aaron Horth


BU Law Aaron Horth Law School: Boston University School of Law

Student Name: Aaron Horth

Status: Rising 3L

Undergraduate degree/major: B.A. Political Science

Undergraduate institution: University of Missouri

Home city, state: St. Louis, MO

During his undergraduate career, Aaron Horth spearheaded the IncludeME MU campaign to add gender identity and expression to the protected categories in the university’s non-discrimination policy. After graduating, he worked as a Residential Victims’ advocate at a shelter for those subjected to domestic violence.

Lawdragon: What were key factors you used to choose your law school?

Aaron Horth: Because most of the schools I got into were roughly the same in rankings, I looked mostly at geographic location. I chose Boston because I wanted to live in a larger city and a place that I knew would be progressive and queer-friendly.

LD: What do you wish you’d known about law school before enrolling?

AH: How few radical people there are in law school.

LD: What has been your most memorable or valuable law school experience so far?

AH: Taking Critical Race Theory with Professor Khiara Bridges was at once the most challenging and the most enlightening experience I have yet had in law school. Regardless of where you attend school, I recommend everyone take at least one Critical Theory class to broaden your perspective.

LD: What do you plan to do with your law degree? Have your plans changed in recent years?  

AH: I came into law school without a definite direction I wanted to take with my degree, beyond knowing that I wanted to work in the public sector. As I gained school and work experience, though, I came to realize that my passions drove me to become a public defender. I will be working in the Shelby County Public Defender’s Office this summer in Memphis, Tennessee, and hope to take a public defender position after graduation.