Law Student Limelight: New York Law School’s Joseph Chung


check with Philip Greenberg before use  Philip Greenberg is the only copyright holderSTUDENT NAME: Joseph Chung 

LAW SCHOOL: New York Law School 

STATUS : Rising 2L (2016)

UNDERGRADUATE: University of Texas at Austin. Major: International Relations and Global Studies


Joseph Chung’s sense of himself as an engaged, and engaging, citizen in a global economy developed during his undergraduate years in Austin, Texas. Chung, a 2L at New York Law School, said that’s where he became keenly interested in the complicated legal issues that arise from economic development and the interactions between various foreign and domestic parties.

This, in turn, sparked his desire to pursue a career in the field of international law, where he said he hopes to use his education to “make a difference in the global community.”

Austin is also where Chung became an entrepreneur. With a friend, he started a food truck that sells Asian-inspired comfort dishes with what he calls “a twist.” “We serve some traditional Asian-style food,” he said, “but we also take those flavors and modernize them.”

Chung said that he confers with his partner on major business issues. He continues to make decisions as to what’s on the menu, he said.

LAWDRAGON CAMPUS: What were key factors you used to choose your law school?

JOSEPH CHUNG: Location, professors, school atmosphere and culture.

LD: What do you wish you’d known about law school before enrolling?

JC: I actually wish I knew beforehand how to create a course outline efficiently.

LD: What has been your most memorable or valuable law school experience?

JC: Doing pro bono work. Through the Domestic Violence Project: Courtroom Advocates Program, which New York Law offers to students, I’ve been able to assist individuals by helping them file temporary orders of protection.

LD: What do you plan to do with your law degree?

JC: I would like to work for a large law firm and, maybe, one day transition out and use my experiences and the knowledge I gained along the way to work for an international organization, such as the United Nations or the World Trade Organization, where I would focus on international economic development.

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