Law School Photos, From Downtown LA to the Chesapeake Bay


The month of June took Lawdragon representatives from Pepperdine Law’s campus overlooking the shores of Malibu to the University of Maryland’s Westminster Hall, where 19th-century writer Edgar Allan Poe is buried.

Since trips are nothing without photos, each of which is worth 1,000 words, we’re taking this opportunity to share ours with you.

Our travels began with the Pacific Coast Association of Pre-Law Advisers Conference in Los Angeles from June 11-13.

There, marketing coordinator Melissa Chan and I joined advisers and law school admissions officials on visits to Pepperdine, the University of Southern California-Gould, Loyola Marymount, Southwestern and the University of California-Los Angeles.

Along the way, I visited Venice Beach for the first time, learned that Loyola’s campus was designed by architect Frank Gehry and that Southwestern’s art deco building was originally home to the Bullock’s Wilshire department store. Oh, and that the scales of justice at U.C.L.A. were paid for by Erle Stanley Gardner, author of the Perry Mason murder mysteries, to which I was addicted as a teenager.  (Check out the slide show, above left, for photos from each of the sites.)

The next week, we were back on the East Coast, along with Campus Editor Margot Slade, for the Northeastern Association of Pre-Law Advisers Conference.

There, we visited the University of Baltimore’s new glass-walled Angelos Law Center, which held its first classes last fall, and the University of Maryland’s Francis King Carey Law School.

Along with paying our respects to Poe at his gravesite – and that of his wife and mother-in-law – the three of us learned one new bit of trivia: The Baltimore Ravens football team was named after Poe’s famous poem about a distraught lover and an ominous bird who speaks only the word, “nevermore.”

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