Margot Slade


Editor for Law Schools Margot Slade is in charge of Lawdragon’s Law Schools division, bringing 25 years of experience as a top editor, newsroom manager, reporter and ranking specialist to our mission to create better information on legal education. Her expertise in content development and branding online and in print come from The New York Times, Consumer Reports, Bloomberg News, The Daily Voice and the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation.

At The New York Times, Margot led news teams and departments, serving as National Desk News Editor; Education Life Editor, establishing Campus Life – the largest stringer network in the U.S.; and as Legal Affairs Editor, covering law and the law business. She created the noted Circuits personal technology section and, as Deputy, Special Sections, launched regularly published issues on Women’s Health, Cars and Giving (featuring foundations/nonprofits) among others.

As Consumer Reports Editor-in-Chief, she oversaw the leading consumer guide to purchases – from cars to vacuum cleaners. She led the restructuring and redesign of all print content so that it was readily available and accessible across digital platforms. At the same time, her editorial team won more than a dozen national magazine awards.

At Bloomberg, she served as Editor-at-Large and then Managing Editor. In that role, she anchored and then grew the distribution of top-quality branded content to the company’s 486 global news media clients. Her portfolio entailed ensuring that each audience received the appropriate news content, on its preferred platform and device.

Since 2011, Margot has worked on strategic content plans with nonprofits and online media companies, including the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation and The Daily Voice, publisher of 53 local news sites in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. As Deputy Editorial Director she played a pivotal role in recruiting, training and mentoring the 80+-member news staff and in building the newsroom and editorial DNA for the entrepreneurial venture.

She is a cum laude graduate of Wellesley College and Columbia University’s School of Journalism (MS, high honors). A Pulitzer Fellow, she reported on science and technology for U.S. and European publications. Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government selected her to join 51 women leaders in government, business and nonprofits from around the world for its Women and Power program.